Our Fully integrated suite of technology tools Provides support information designed to enhance Your customers delivery experience. Whether it is B2B or B2C, our network of independent and Dedicated professionals are ready to handle delivery All shapes, sizes, timeframes and locations.


We provide tailored on demand freight services for the businesses that require fast and flexible deliveries with access to our leading logistics technology and scalable fleet.

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For Assistance with your shipping needs, We are here to serve you 24 hours a day. we support every Step of the way with outstanding customer service

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Airlift Logistics is a leading International Logistics & shipping company based in Dubai, U.A.E. Our services include International Freight Services, Airfreight with Door to Airport and Door to Door services, Ocean Freight includes Full Container Load & Less than Container Load services, Sea-Air movements, Air-Air Movements, Warehousing and Distribution, and Cross trade movements. Our tenured and trusted team partners with clients throughout the world to provide turnkey import and export services by land, sea and air.


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    AirLift International – your partner in international logistics & shipping

    International shipping services are necessary for transporting goods and materials from one region of the world to another. These services are essential for facilitating international trade and commerce, allowing businesses and individuals to easily and efficiently send and receive goods from other parts of the world.

    International shipping services provide a range of benefits, including faster and more efficient transportation of goods, access to a wider range of products and services, and the ability to reach global markets. However, if you’ve ever tried to ship something internationally, then you know how complicated it can be. There are all sorts of rules and regulations about what can and can’t be shipped, where, when, and how – and if you don’t follow them strictly, then your package will get lost or destroyed or stolen along the way – something that no business operator would want.

    That’s why you need an experienced international shipping & logistics company like Airlift Logistics on your team. We’ve been doing this for years, and we know all the tricks for making sure your package arrives safely at its destination on time and intact. Plus, we have partnerships with other companies around the world so that we can offer even lower rates than our competitors! When it comes to International Shipping and Logistics, there is simply no better companion that one can connect with in the world than AirLift Logistics.

    Access global logistics services at an affordable price
    Our motto is ‘Vision – Reality- Value.’ We are a leading provider of Logistic Service Providers and are proud to be the default destination of many top global brands for their international shipping and logistics requirements.

    • Wide range of services
      Airlift Logistics offers a range of services, including Airlift International Freight to Airlift Container Line and Warehousing, to help you succeed. From helping you with your logistics needs to optimizing your shipping methods and making sure the goods get to their destination safely, we have the solutions for everything.
    • Seamless process
      At AirLift Logistics, we have a team of professionals at our helm that not only handles the logistics of moving a shipment from one place to another but would also relieve the customer of the hassle of handling documentation for the transportation. It is the biggest bane of any international shipping – something our professionals would take care of.
    • Handles all classes of dangerous goods
      We handle the logistics and shipping of all types of goods, including all nine classifications of dangerous goods. In fact, we specialize in the transportation of such material. So, rely on us for any and all kinds of transportation requirements.

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    When it comes to international logistics and shipping, you cannot find a better companion to help you out with your requirement than AirLift Logistics. We guarantee a hassle-free service, using modern shipping solutions for our customers. We also have a dedicated customer support helpline, operated by our friendly and experienced support executives, that you can connect with at your convenience.